About Gwen

Gwen is an Inventor, Instructor, Maker of Pretty Things, and Small Business Owner.

Gwen took a cue from her mother and grandmothers, all of whom had a creative streak a mile wide. Inspired by them, Gwen explored a variety of creative outlets, from cake decorating to quilting to lamp working, until she discovered making jewelry with Wire, Metal, and Fire.

Gwen is the inventor of the Riveting Essentials tools – a set of tools that makes riveting easy and nearly foolproof. As Gwen said recently: “These are the tools for riveting that I have been trying to find for years. In my own work, they let me handle riveting tasks that I always thought were too difficult.In the classroom, these tools have changed riveting for my students. The beginner student will be amazed at their instant riveting success. I love that “A-HA!” moment, when a student realizes how simple riveting can be with these tools!”

As an instructor, Gwen loves the interaction and camaraderie of the classroom. Her mission is to make metal working techniques accessible to everyone, so that students learn more than they expected, and have fun doing it. Students can expect Gwen to share her knowledge and creativity freely, with a dash of humor and lots of caring patience.

In February 2018, Gwen purchased Rolling Mill Resources. And thus began one of the biggest adventures of her life!