RMR Shipping Policies

RMR ships via First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Priority Express, both domestically and internationally.

RMR intends to ship orders with 3-5 business days. RMR is a small business run by me, Gwen Youngblood. My husband pitches in by keeping inventory up to date and fully stocked.We will make every effort to meet your deadlines when possible. We will announce Gwen’s absences from the studio ahead of time when practical to allow our customers to plan their needs accordingly. During those absences, regular inventory will be available as always, Custom and Modified patterns will likely be delayed, and depending on circumstance, not available until Gwen’s return. We will do our best to keep you informed about any delays we anticipate!

Actual shipping costs are calculated by the shopping cart system and paid by the customer. Etsy will also collect the appropriate sales tax and VAT where applicable. Buyers should know that some countries may charge additional import, customs, and/or VAT taxes – Rolling Mill Resources is not responsible for these additional costs nor any delays resulting from clearing customs processes. Buyers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with their country’s import rules, regulations, and costs.

Custom Patterns

Yes, RMR will produce custom patterns!

Here is the deal though –it is absolutely required that any images submitted for a custom pattern be copyright free. Read the fine print in the “Terms of Use” for any image purchased (including from the so-called “Copyright-free” websites) especially if you intend to sell what you make from the image – often images are intended for personal use only. If you intend to sell any products of the image, you will need to purchase the appropriate “license” from the owner of the image in order to use it for commercial purposes.

By submitting an image for a custom pattern, Customer is certifying that the image is copyright free and/or Customer has written permission from the owner of the image to use the pattern and/or Customer has purchased the appropriate license from the owner of the image.

RMR is happy to review any image for suitability for creating a laser-engraved paper pattern –not all images are suitable. The best images are high contrast black and white images with bold lines. Fine lines and gray scale images may not be suitable. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

RMR will not share custom patterns without prior written permission from Customer.

Modified Patterns

Yes, RMR will modify any of its existing patterns to fit your needs! Just ask…larger, smaller, want just a part of an existing pattern… no extra charge for modifying existing RMR patterns.